We are proud to announce that we will be providing four local teams in the North East with a brand-new kit for FREE. We want to celebrate the highly anticipated return of sports in within our local community of Tees-side by providing every team with a chance to receive a fully brand new, customised kit, free of charge. We are choosing to give away the kits consisting of each one of these different sports; 1x Football, 1x Cricket, 1x Rugby & 1x Netball.

So, what does the ‘Free Kit bundle include? Using the football kit as an example: the team that wins will receive 15 football kits for free. 11 for the main team, including the goalkeeper & the remaining 4 is for spares/substitutes. All kits will be fully customised to the team’s design, with player names & numbers also included.

How to enter the competition

The competition is very easy to enter, create your design within our Kit Builder software and submit to be placed with a chance to win! We will then pick out our top 5 favourite designs, then the rest is up to the public as they can vote for their favourites.

Struggling for ideas? Make sure to use our innovative kit builder.

Our bespoke kit builder allows you to change every little detail, from colour, pattern & logos from the comfort of your computer.

Over 1000 combinations to choose from!

There are well over 1000 combinations thanks to our wide choice of colours, patterns and layouts. This allows you to create something totally unique and “out-there”, allowing your team to make an impression as soon as you step on the pitch.

The competition will stop entrants on August 1st. After that we will be picking our favourite designs & showcasing the team designs to the public. The final stage will be down to a public decision, as they then vote for their favourite designs. The four lucky teams with the most votes win.