About Us

About TIGRA Sportswear 

Tigra Sportswear is revolutionising the sports apparel industry in 2020. To give us a competitive edge in a feisty industry. Instead of waiting for the big names to produce the new trends and styles, we are forward-thinking and have pushed ourselves ahead of the curve. Producing the latest & innovative game ready apparel. Big statement, but we are confident that our products back that up.

Using the most innovative printing processes, techniques & equipment, we can virtually produce any kit design you want us to. We do not want you to be scared to hit us with ideas that sound “too hard to do” or “unachievable”. We want you to push boundaries with your initial concepts & ideas. It allows our team to get our creative juices flowing in the design studio.

We know what it feels like sitting in the changing room before a big game, the tension, the nerves, the feeling of your heart beating heavier. Then looking around, surrounded by your teammates, friends, all uniting by putting your kit on, with your teams’ badge proudly adorning your chest, close to your heart in both sense of the words.

We know what it feels like stepping out onto the pitch in your team’s colours. That is why we strive to create a kit that delivers all these emotions.

So, who is Tigra? 

Born, established, started & thriving in Middlesbrough. A proud industrial land in the North East of England. Tigra was formed by three local lads who all have years of varied experience within the sportswear industry. Thanks to their hard-work, grit & expertise. The team has prospered and grew rapidly into a team of 15, consisting of designers, marketers & sales.

What does Tigra stand for?

Team Inspired. Game Ready Apparel

Team: Here at Tigra we do not believe in creating a “one design fits all” mentality. Our ethos is to create high-quality affordable teamwear that challenges our competitors. Our final designs are all bespoke & unique. From discussions with clients we know first-hand that the industry can be stressful and time-consuming, we take all the hassle and stress out of the process. Working with our expert designers we turn your concepts into premium game ready apparel. Allowing you to make a powerful impact the moment you step on to the pitch.


Over our many years working within the sports industry, we have been working closely with professional athletes from across the globe. From that we have taken creativity & insight from our conversations and fused the feedback into all our garments, from the subtle design changes, patterns, fabrics, durability, range of motion & even becoming more environmentally friendly. There is nothing that has been missed.

Game Ready Apparel:

Straight to the point, Game. Ready. Apparel. Our garments are all prepared for the challenge of being put through their paces. Durable, breathable, stretch-fabric. We haven’t missed anything in the design and production phase, providing your athletes with a kit that can take on the hard-gruelling games, power you through those sweet victories & help you survive in any conditions.

Are you #gameready?